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About Us

Know About Uganda Women Birders


The club started in 2013 with a sole aim of increasing the participation of Uganda’s women in Nature Guiding, a profession that has long been considered as a “male-dominated society”. The idea was conceptualized when a few of us that were already established in the industry realized the gap that there was a gap of women serving in the industry. Uganda’s tourism is among the leading revenue earners in the country and we thought this would a great idea to have women as part of this sustainable development.
The objectives of the club include; mentoring young women into nature guiding with a focus on bird watching, mentoring young children into nature conservation, enhancing awareness on conservation and appreciation among the public and providing an avenue for women to get employment among others.
The Women Birder’s Club started with a few ladies that were already established in the industry and these would act as a source of guidance, support and inspirational to new members that were joining the club. We started with about ten (10) members and the number has since grown to over 50 dedicated members.