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Success of the club

Most of the women in the club are now employed as tour guides. There are several specialized in birding, wildlife and cultural guides all groomed through the club. Also butterfliers are picking up.
We proudly can present to you some of the entrepreneurs in the industry as some of the women birders members. Through training, ladies have been able to start up their own tour companies which are doing quite well.

Uganda Women birders club proudly has members who own accommodation facilities. Some of these include; Kibale Homestay among others.
The club members have been employed as tour managers, reservation officers and do tour packaging and this has earned them employment in tour companies all around the country.
Some women in the club have turned out to be good researchers for example Judith Mirembe has an Edge Fellowship research on the sought after Shoebill. This has helped in providing more information to the country’s database as well as gaining more skills on how best to conserve some of these endangered species.

The number of members is steadily growing with the successful ladies inspiring others to join and this will dismiss the belief that nature-guiding is “a man’s industry”. Who say’s we can’t share the same piece of cake…..
“Training a woman means training a nation” and this has been seen in the growth of the young birder’s club in Uganda which leans on the women birder’s as a back bone.
Sensitization on conservation has been done through interesting the ladies with nature related activities. Some of the club members have caused tremendous change in communities especially around protected areas with a case in a point being Ride for a woman project. This has boosted livelihoods as well as conservation.