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Uganda Women Birders

Uganda Women Birders is a club comprising women bird enthusiasts based in Uganda. Our operations are conducted through the secretariat of the Uganda Safari Guides Association and Bird Uganda Safaris.

Our Structure:

Our executive committee consists of nine members, including the Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer, and five committee members.

Our Vision:

Our vision is to lead the empowerment of women in birding, nature conservation, inclusivity, and tourism development.


Accountability: We prioritize transparency and responsibility in all our actions, fostering integrity and trust within our community and beyond.

Advocacy: We actively advocate for the recognition and empowerment of women in birding, striving for gender equality and amplifying the voices of female birders globally.

Inclusivity: Embracing diversity, we create an inclusive environment where individuals of all backgrounds feel valued and respected.

Conservation Stewardship: Committed to preserving avian species and their habitats, we engage in active conservation efforts to safeguard our natural world for future generations.

Collaboration: We believe in the strength of collaboration, forging partnerships with fellow birders, conservation organizations, and stakeholders to effectively achieve our shared goals.

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