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The club is still faced with several challenges which include;
Inadequate Equipment to use
The tools and materials to use are expensive since most of our members are fresh graduates from the university and cannot afford these. This has hindered most of the progress of many young women who join but fail to acquire these necessities. They include binoculars, field guide books, laser pointers, jungle wear among others.
Social-cultural perceptions
This is still a challenge in that wildlife activities are time consuming and yet women are literally supposed to give more time to family. At a certain age, ladies are expected to get married and once they get into family life, it becomes family against tourism activities. Also guiding needs motor vehicle driving skills, which are considered masculine and it is very hard for ladies to acquire such skills until when owning their own cars.
High expectations
More than 50% of Uganda’s population is females. This has created an unemployment gap for them and most ladies join the club thinking it will offer a quick solution to their job and livelihood problem. This isn’t always the case but instead more expenses for tools, excursions and trainings are created. The end result is a very high rate leaving by the members into other small scale businesses or even marriage for survival.
Practicing birding is also costly as it needs movement to different sites to master the species therein. Some members may not afford and this has been a challenge as ladies give up with time.
The tourism sector is expensive and yet employers want experience. To gain that experience, one needs to be spending without earning and this is hard for most young women. This has led to a few individuals remaining in the club.