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Activities of Uganda Women Birders

Guided Nature Walks:

We organize and conduct guided nature walks, providing participants with immersive experiences in Uganda's diverse ecosystems while imparting knowledge about local flora, fauna, and bird species.

Nature Guides’ Training:

Through structured training programs, we equip aspiring women nature guides with essential skills and knowledge required for leading nature tours, emphasizing bird identification, habitat conservation, and interpretation techniques.

Guided Birding Tours:

Our experienced women birders lead guided birding tours across Uganda's prime birdwatching destinations, offering enthusiasts the opportunity to spot a wide array of avian species while learning about their behaviors and habitats.

Community Education on Bird Conservation:

We engage with local communities through educational outreach programs, raising awareness about the importance of bird conservation, habitat protection, and sustainable practices to safeguard avian biodiversity.

Birding Excursions:

We organize birding excursions to various habitats and birding hotspots, providing participants with hands-on experience in bird identification, observation, and documentation under the guidance of seasoned birdwatchers.


Our members actively engage in bird-related research projects, contributing to scientific knowledge and conservation efforts through field studies, data collection, and monitoring initiatives focused on avian populations and habitats.

Citizen Science:

We encourage citizen science participation among our members and the wider community, facilitating bird monitoring programs, bird counts, and data collection activities to support conservation efforts and contribute to scientific research.

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